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7th Floor, Bangunan Getah Asli (Menara)
148, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
T: +603-2161 1900 F: +603-2161 3014 E:


Questions on Functions and Activities

1. What are the key functions of the ANRPC?

ANRPC functions as an authentic source of statistics and other information on natural rubber industry of each Member country as well as of the world.  The Association serves as an inter-governmental forum for analysing policies and formulating appropriate strategies for protecting interests of natural rubber producers.

2. How does the ANRPC support the natural rubber market?

ANRPC provides periodic updates and proper signals on future supply and demand of natural rubber. Depending on the anticipated scenario, Member Governments formulate and implement appropriate policies on: 
• Replanting of existing aged trees
• newplanting
• Optimizing the yield from existing trees
• Generating additional demand by exploring non-conventional uses

Questions on Membership and Forum for the Private Sector

3. Are there different categories of membership?

There is only one category of membership and this is open only to Governments of countries producing natural rubber.

4. How much are the fees for joining and annual renewal of Membership?

There is no joining fee.  Activities of the ANRPC are funded by contributions from Member Governments to the approved budget for each year.  Each Member Government pays a basic contribution equivalent to 5,000 US dollar per annum.  The balance amount required in meeting the budget for the year is paid by Member Governments in proportion to their production of natural rubber. 

5. Is the membership confined only to Government of countries in any particular geographical region of the world?

The Membership is open to Governments of all countries which are producers of natural rubber, irrespective of the geographical regions they belong to.

6. What is the procedure for a Government to become a Member? How Much time it will take for completing the accession?

The procedure for accession to the ANRPC is simple.  Government of a natural rubber producing country can become a Member of the ANRPC by ratifying the Association’s Constitution and depositing the Instrument of Accession.  On receiving a communication expressing interest in joining the ANRPC, the Secretariat of the ANRPC will provide all assistance to the Government in completing the procedure of accession.

7. How does each Member Government represent at the various forums of the ANRPC?

At the time of joining, each Member Government authorizes one or more officials for representing the Government and participating in the deliberations on behalf of the Government.

8. Is there any forum for the ANRPC in which non-governmental organizations and individuals can participate? What are the direct benefits to the private sector from the ANRPC?

From 2008 onwards ANRPC organizes Annual Rubber Conference with the active involvement and support of stakeholders in the private sector as well.  The private sector can enjoy access to most of ANRPC’s information resources including updated data and rubber industry news on a subscription basis.  Both exporters and importers of natural rubber are direct beneficiaries of the Directory of NR Exporters published by the ANRPC.

9. Is it possible to the private sector to voice their views in the policy-making body of the ANRPC?

Through their respective Governments, the private sector can bring their views and suggestions to the ANRPC’s policy-formulating body.  ANRPC’s policy-making body considers all views and suggestions from the Annual Rubber Conference in which the private sector actively participates.  

Questions on Information Network

10. How does ANRPC gather statistics, updates and other information?

ANRPC has designated officials and experts in each Member Government for supplying data, technical inputs and updates relating to rubber industry in the country. This information network functions effectively in periodically gathering data, updates and other information.     

11. How often do the Member Governments meet?  Where are the meetings held?

The Assembly and all committees of the ANRPC normally meet once a year.  For convenience, all these events and the Annual Rubber Conference are consecutively held in a week.  These are followed by a visit of all delegates to rubber plantations, nurseries and processing factories in the country where the events are held.  Each year, one of the Member Governments normally volunteers to host all the events. 

12. Can organizations and individuals in the private sector also get ANRPC’s publications and information free of cost? What is the procedure?

Organizations and individuals in the private sector can enjoy access to all publications of the ANRPC on a subscription basis.  To get the publications by email, please get included in the free mailing list by completing the “free newsletter sign up” provided in the website.

Any other questions

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