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Statistical Profile of Rubber Industry in Malaysia

 Area and Yield




Area under cultivation of rubber ('000 ha)1 1028.0 1020.0 1048.0
Area under tapping ('000 ha)1   591.0   634.0   667.0
Average annual yield per tapped area (kg/ha)2 1450.0 1480.0 1494.0
 Natural Rubber falling under HS 4001 10,
 4001 21, 4001 22 and 4001 29
Production of NR('000 tonnes)   857.0   939.2   996.2
Gross Import of NR ('000 tonnes)   738.9   678.2   667.4
Consumption of NR ('000 tonnes)   469.6   458.0   402.0
Gross Export of NR ('000 tonnes)   697.7   900.9   903.8
 Compound Rubber Falling under HS 4005 10,
 4005 20, 4005 91 and 4005 99
Consumption ('000 tonnes)    17.8    19.5    16.9
Gross Export ('000 tonnes)  413.5  369.9  353.5

* Annual data for 2011 is anticipated figures reported by Government of Malaysia on 19th February, 2012.
1 In Malaysia, a section of smallholders stay away from tapping unless rubber price is not attractive. The reported "Area under tapping" need not match with the acreage planted.
2 Malaysia's data do not account rubber forests in Sabah and Sarawak States. A large extent of untapped mature area in the country is not accounted in the estimation of average yield.

Useful Resources:

> Exporters of Natural Rubber
> Rubber Organizations

> Malaysian Rubber Board: www.lgm.gov.my
> Rubber Smallholders Development Authority: www.risda.gov.my
> Federal Land Development Authority: www.felda.net.my
> Federal Land Consolidation and Rehabilitation Authority: www.felcra.com.my
> The International Rubber Research and Development Board: www.irrdb.com
> National Association of Smallholders: www.pkpkm.org
> Malaysian Rubber Export Promotion Council: www.mrepc.com
> Malaysian Rubber Products Manufacturers’ Association: www.mrpma.com
> Malaysian Rubber Glove Manufacturers’ Association: www.margma.com.my
> Malaysian Rubber Development Corporation Berhad: www.mardec.com.my

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