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ANRPC Releases Natural Rubber Trends & Statistics January 2018

Feb 23, 2018
The Association of Natural Rubber Producing Countries (ANRPC) releases the Natural Rubber Trends & Statistics, January 2018.

From Secretary-General's Desk
The global outlook of NR supply is anticipated at 13.784 million tonnes in 2018, up 4.5% from 13.196 million tonnes recorded in 2017.  The slower production growth in 2018 is mainly attributed to a lower production anticipated by Thailand at 4.375 million tonnes, down by 1.2% on a year-to-year basis. 

A 2.8% growth is anticipated for the global demand outlook of NR in 2018. It is expected to grow from 12.964 million tonnes of NR in 2017 to 13.327 million tonnes of NR in 2018. The ANRPC member countries will continue their efforts to encourage more uses of NR in their respective countries, for a better balancing of supply-demand of NR and sustainability of NR industry in the long run. 

The upward revision for global economy outlook during 2018 by IMF which resulted from the increase of global growth momentum and the expected impact of the recent approved U.S tax policy changes. Furthermore, the outlook on commodity markets is expected to improve during 2018. This is followed by the efforts of agreed oil production cut by OPEC and geopolitical tensions in Middle East which will support the oil prices. This may result to a better recovery in NR prices during this year. 

In January 2018, an early wintering season faced by rubber farmers in China has slowdown its production. This seasonal phenomenon will soon be happened in other major producing countries. Slowdown in NR supply may be expected, and this may lead to a much-balanced supply-demand NR market in the coming months.

With the objective of providing updated trends and emerging developments in natural rubber sector, ANRPC provides through this issue of Natural Rubber Trends and Statistics, the figures of supply and demand for NR during the period up to January 2018 and the anticipated annual figures for the year 2018, covering all ANRPC Member Countries. 

Before I conclude, I place on record sincere gratitude of the ANRPC to its statistical correspondents in Member Governments for timely making available required data and forecasts. I also thank all esteemed subscribers of the publication for the continued support.

Thank you. 

Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Bich
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