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ANRPC Releases Monthly NR Statistical Report June 2022

The Association of Natural Rubber Producing Countries (ANRPC) releases the Monthly NR Statistical Report, June 2022.

Based on the estimates given by member governments up to June 2022, the outlook of natural rubber (NR) market is expected to improve further during the year 2022, in production and consumption. During June 2022, the global production is recorded at 1.113 million tons, up 3.8% from the same period in 2021; while the global consumption projected a faster growth at 5.8% amounting to 1.206 million tons during the same reference period.

Despite the favourable market fundamental in NR market, the market sentiments were driven by various factors namely the resurgence of Covid-19 cases in China, recovery outlook from the rising raw material and energy costs, worries over inflationary pressure and interest hikes from tightening monetary policy imposed by central banks, uncertainties from geopolitical conflicts between Russia and Ukraine.

ANRPC has started an online survey to gather feedback from rubber stakeholders in the value chain of NR industry on the proposed Sustainable Price Mechanism (SPM). The said proposed mechanism targets to tackle prevailing low prices and safeguard the interests of stakeholders in the NR industry. It’s ultimately to provide a sustainable NR industry in the entire value chain for long run.

I urge for your active participation in the online survey for providing feedback on this proposed mechanism. Please visit our website, <click here> to read on the Brief for the Sustainable Price Mechanism (SPM) prior to providing your feedback in the online survey. The said Brief is available in several languages such as Bangla, Khmer, Thai and Viet Nam; while the online survey is available in multilingual options namely English, Khmer, Indonesia, Thai and Viet Nam. I appreciate your time and patience for providing your valuable feedback on this matter.

The incessant support and cooperation extended by the esteemed users, statistical correspondents, and stakeholders are once again gratefully acknowledged.

For renewal or new subscription for year 2022, subscribers may contact the Secretariat for further details at

Thank you.

R. B. Premadasa



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