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China Rubber Industry Association (CRIA)

Contact Details:

Address: China Rubber Industry Association, Kinglong International B5 Floor, Fu Lin Road 9, Chao Yang District, Beijing 100107

Tel: +8610 8492 4069

Fax: +8610 8492 4398



Year of Establishment: 1985

Nature of Organization: Non-government voluntary organization of rubber enterprises, institutions and universities in the country.

Key Function(s):

  • Providing information service

  • Advising government in formulating rubber industry development plans, economic policies and regulations

  • Promoting new products, new technology and new materials

  • Organizing personnel training and exchange of professionals

  • Providing consultancy services

  • Organizing international exhibitions and trade delegations

  • Undertaking market investigations on raw materials demand and supply


  • China Rubber (Monthly)

  • China Rubber Industry Yearbook (Annual)

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