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The Thai Rubber Association (TRA)

Contact Details:

Address: Manager, The Thai Rubber Associaiton, 45-47 Chotivithayakun 3 Road, Hai Yai Songkhla 90110 Thailand

Tel: +667 442 9011 / 12 

Fax : +6674 4293 12



Year of Establishment: 1951

Nature of Organization: Non-government body functioning at the national level

Key Function(s):

  • Facilitating information services

  • Settling disputes in rubber business

  • Liaising with government on matters concerning farmers, traders and consumers of NR

  • Supporting quality improvement of Thai NR

  • Promoting Thai NR in the world market


  • TRA Monthly News*

  • TRA Directory*

  •  Full Text of Rubber Conference*

  • Reports of the TRA meetings*

  • Local Price of Thai Market (daily)*

  • NR Situation (monthly)*

*Available in Thai only.

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