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Contact Details:

Address: Yunnan Province Dehong Institute for Scientific Research on Tropical Agriculture, No.36, Munao Road, Ruili City, Yunnan Province, 678600

Tel: +8669 2411 2312

Fax: +8669 2414 3177


Year of Establishment: 1962

Nature of Organization: Government body functioning under Yunnan Province Government and operating mainly in the southwest reclamation area of the Province. Also operates in Myanmar

Key Function(s):

  • Identifying land suitable for rubber cultivation based on soil survey.

  • Breeding chill-resistant, high-altitude clones suitable for 18◦ north altitude.

  • Undertaking trial planting and promoting fine rubber clones

  • Popularizing improved tapping systems including the rainproof and disease-resisting tapping techniques with rain-hat

  • Undertaking research on pest and disease management

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