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Zamboanga Peninsula Rubber Industry Cluster Team (ZAMPEN RUBBER)

Contact Details                      

Contact Person: Natalia C. Jambaro, chairperson

Address: 4th Floor, VHW Bldg., Veterans Avenue, Zamboanga City, Philippines

Tel: +6362 991 3238, +6362 955 3237

Fax: +6362 991 3232, +63917 722 3535


Year of Establishment: November 19, 2012

Nature of Organization: Private-Public Partnership, a regional rubber technical working group

Key Function(s):

  • To institutionalize convergence among enablers.

  • Strengthen partnership with the industry stakeholders.

  • Create sustainable organization to promote and protect the interest of the industry.

  • Strengthen commitment among industry players (private and public).

  • Harmonize plans and programs including allocation of appropriate resources.

  • Enhance program review and project monitoring systems.

  • Expand network and linkages.

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