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Natural Rubber (NR) plays an important part in Indonesia's economic landscape as a major plantation commodity. Aside from oil and gas, NR is another export commodity in Indonesia that makes a considerable contribution to national export earnings.


Indonesia, the world’s second-largest producer and exporter of NR, produced 2.72 million tons in 2022, with total exports of 2.08 million tons and 3.65 million USD, respectively. Latex, Ribbed Smoked Sheet (RSS), Technically Specified Natural Rubber (TSNR), and compounded rubber are all kinds of NR manufactured in Indonesia.


Each of these types of NR may have specialized use in many sectors, and the processing allows for rubber modification to meet certain technical or application requirements. Key sectors such as tyre manufacture, automobile production, asphalt, and others have tremendous potential for absorbing rubber products in both the local and foreign markets.


Smallholders account for 92.35% of national rubber production in 2022. This highlights the important significance that individual farmers or small agricultural firms play in Indonesia’s overall rubber industry.



Brief Statistics (based on data in 2022)


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