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10 Electric Vehicles That Have Bi-Directional Charging

EV batteries aren't just for driving the wheels. Here's 10 cars that can power your devices, appliances and more.

10 Electric Vehicles That Have Bi-Directional Charging

Electric vehicles have taken the automotive world to task in the last few years. EVs now range from eco-wagons, family sedans and SUVs, pickup trucks, and all the way to hypercars. EVs are no longer miserable little city cruisers like the G-Wiz. They are a viable form of transport for families looking for safety and comfort, the wealthy looking for luxury, and even thrill seekers. Electric vehicles have stormed their way into the conversation as equals to ICE cars, and thanks to government mandates against carbon emissions, will likely be the dominant vehicles on the road in a few years' time.

The key advancement that has made EVs viable in the modern era is battery technology. Lithium-ion batteries provide a range comparable to most tanks of gas, and advancements beyond this tech will make them go even longer. Since the industrial revolution, access to electricity has been a crucial factor in day-to-day life.

Now we are bringing gigantic electrical powerhouses everywhere we go in the form of our cars. This electricity does not have to be used to solely drive the wheels. Bi-directional charging is a process that allows EV owners to tap into their battery for other purposes, to charge their phone, power a coffee maker, or, in some cases, even a house. Here are 10 EVs that have bi-directional charging.

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