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10 Practical Electric Cars With Rock-Solid Dependability

10 Practical Electric Cars With Rock-Solid Dependability

Practicality is a key fundamental for families looking to buy a new car. This is one of the many reasons why SUVs and crossovers continually rise in popularity, but there are still a few consumers who are looking for a good four-door sedan configuration. With electric cars, these body styles benefit from better interior packaging and cargo capacity figures. While heavier than ICE components, electric drive units, and battery packs take up less space, giving manufacturers the freedom to expand interior room without impacting the car's drag coefficient.

Family cars also need to be reliable and dependable, especially if it's the only car parked in your driveway. Electric cars benefit from being much more reliable than ICEs thanks to their fewer moving parts. Manufacturers also design them to be software-dependent, which has resulted in some usability issues, but these are often promptly corrected via convenient over-the-air updates. You may find stepping into the new electric car market a rather intimidating experience, so we've gathered a list of electric cars that offer the best practicality and reliability to help make your buying experience easier and more informed.

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