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Car giants vie for EV crown at Beijing's Auto China show

Car giants vie for EV crown at Beijing's Auto China show

Chinese car giants locked in a cut-throat price war descend on the capital for the start of the Auto China show Thursday, vying to draw consumers and headlines in the world's biggest electric vehicle market and abroad.

China's EV sector has exploded in recent years, and firms are now engaged in a no-holds-barred battle to offer customers the coolest accessories at the lowest prices.

EV makers from China have made inroads into markets from Europe to Southeast Asia and Tesla's Elon Musk described them in January as "the most competitive car companies in the world".

Beijing's Auto China show, which lasts until May 4, will see dozens of firms square off in a bid to draw customers at one of the country's biggest car shows.

There are a staggering 129 EV brands in China, but just 20 have managed to achieve a domestic market share of one percent or more, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

Among the most closely watched firms will be BYD -- "Build Your Dreams" -- a Shenzhen-based battery and automotive giant that beat Tesla in last year's fourth quarter to become the world's top seller of EVs.

Tesla reclaimed that title in the first quarter of this year, but BYD remains firmly on top in its home market.

The firm is expected to unveil its first electric pickup -- the BYD Shark -- at the event.

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