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President Shahabuddin for growing export markets worldwide

President Shahabuddin for growing export markets worldwide

President Shahabuddin urged everyone involved especially the heads of industry, to be very vigilant so that the culture of production-oriented companies isn’t destroyed by a self-serving clique or a vicious spiral.

“To maintain the conducive atmosphere of the production-oriented mills and factories, we must have to be vigilant and the Government always remains with you. Provide all-out efforts to increase productivity and  expand the export market to all possible parts of the world,” he said.

He made these statements while addressing a function held at Bangabandhu International Conference Center in Dhaka coinciding with ‘National Textile Day-2024’ on 27th February.

The President also urged investors, businesspeople, and manufacturers to seek out new overseas markets for their innovative products that combine cutting-edge technology and technical education.

In addition, the head of state requested that all parties involved increase investment and employment in the textile industry and develop a variety of export goods rather than depending solely on a small number of products.

He stressed prioritising economic diplomacy saying that diplomatic missions can be used for this purpose. He also stressed on developing skilled manpower in the textile sector.

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