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Rubber factory to clean up act due to stink

Rubber factory to clean up act due to stink

A factory processing natural rubber in Sungai Petani has been ordered to upgrade its air pollution control equipment after it was discovered to emit a pungent odour that bothered nearby residents.

Kedah Environment Department (DOE) director Sharifah Zakiah Syed Sahab said the department received complaints regarding unpleasant odours that were disrupting the lives of residents around Bukit Banyan and Bintang Maya Residence in Sungai Petani.

According to the complaints, the foul odour was often detectable late at night until early in the morning.

“DOE conducted an investigation to identify the source of the problem in the residential areas,” she said in a statement yesterday.

Sharifah Zakiah said investigations and monitoring conducted from 11pm on March 13 to 4am the following day found that the odour came from the factory, which operated round-the-clock to produce Standard Malaysia Rubber with the grades SMR 10 and SMR 20.

She said a thorough investigation of the factory was conducted on the same day to ensure all air pollution control equipment at the factory was at an optimum level, with the inspection taking place in the presence of factory representatives.

“The factory must conduct the upgrade as requested by DOE in two weeks.

“If the upgrading work needs more than two weeks, the factory management must propose a plan with a reasonable time frame,” she said.

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