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ANRPC releases Monthly NR Statistical Report, May 2024

19 Jun 2024

The Association of Natural Rubber Producing Countries (ANRPC) releases the Monthly NR Statistical Report, May 2024.

As production resumed following seasonal leaf exfoliation, the physical rubber market exhibited signs of recovery during May, except for RSS-3 in Bangkok. The NR market continues to be influenced by the strength of currencies in NR-producing countries against the greenback, as well as other prevailing factors affecting market sentiment namely the supply-demand fundamental. 

Below is a snapshot of the outlook for the world NR market for May 2024. 

In this issue, ANRPC has revised its global outlook for NR in 2024, projecting demand to grow by 3.1%, which is relatively faster than a 1.1% increase in production. This upward revision of global demand and downward revision of global supply are largely due to last year’s performance updates from non-ANRPC members. On lower global supply, reduced interest from rubber farmers in harvesting continued to slow down growth in production, particularly in traditional rubber-producing countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Additionally, challenges such as adverse climate conditions, leaf diseases, and persistently low rubber prices have also significantly impacted farmers’ production.  

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