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Papua New Guinea


Rubber industry in PNG is dominated by smallholding sector which is producing about 95% of total production in the country. At present, there is only one rubber estate plantation, situated at Doa near Port Moresby. There are two government rubber settlement schemes established on government land comprising nearly 4,000 hectares in Angoram East Sepik and Cape Rodney Central Province. Both schemes were organised and evolved as part of government’s overall rural development integrated program co-funded by Asian Development Bank (ADB) in mid 1970s. These schemes are miniature replica of Malaysia’s Federal Land Development Authority (FELDA) structure.

Presently there are over 20,000 hectares planted with rubber at eight coastal provinces. Annual production for the country is approximately 6,000 tonnes. Though its contribution to economic and social well-being of the country may be moderate compared to other agricultural commodities, rubber is an industry that has a huge potential to develop and expand in coastal provinces. Provide regular income, and employment, and thus contribute to poverty alleviation and tackle social issues in rural areas.

Brief Statistics:

(as updated in January 2021)

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