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5 Electric Vehicles You Should Always Buy Used

5 Electric Vehicles You Should Always Buy Used

Electric vehicle prices are dropping, so you might think that it would make more sense to buy one new. But the average price for an EV in late 2023 was $50,683 -- that's still 28% higher in cost than a gas vehicle.

However, car experts told GOBankingRates that some electric vehicles might be better to buy used rather than new, bringing the price down even more.

"Two years ago, I would have always recommended that consumers opt for a new EV over a used one," said Nigel Tunnacliffe, the co-founder and CEO of Coastline Academy, the largest driving school in the country. "This was due to a mixture of tax incentives and the high prices of used EVs, which were close enough to the new models that it did not make sense to invest in pre-owned vehicles.

"However, in just the past two months, used EV prices have dropped quite dramatically, making this a better time than ever to opt for a used car."

Here are the electric vehicles experts say you should always buy used.

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