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Sri Trang Group Introduces ‘Traceable Natural Rubber (GPS)’ for Sustainability

Sri Trang Group aims to introduce ‘Traceable Natural Rubber (GPS)’, Pioneering Sustainability Dimension on Tracing Rubber Sources in line with Traceability Measures to Global Markets and Prepared for EUDR Regulations

Sri Trang Group Introduces ‘Traceable Natural Rubber (GPS)’ for Sustainability

The Sri Trang Group announces readiness to introduce " Traceable Natural Rubber (GPS)" and create a new dimension towards sustainability. The endeavour aims at tracking the source of rubber, responding to all traceability measures, and being ready to comply with EUDR regulations for the global market. The introduction of "Traceable Natural Rubber (GPS)" allows for 100% backward traceability of rubber sources, announcing readiness to comply with global inspection measures, including those of the European Union, which plans to enforce the EU Regulation on deforestation-free products (EUDR) within the year. This initiative is considered a new dimension towards sustainability and supports enhancing competitiveness in the Thai rubber industry.

Meanwhile, the Sri Trang Group’s executives foresee growth in the natural rubber industry in 2024, driven by rebounding demand from Europe and the United States. They aim to achieve a sales volume of 1.5 million tons this year, representing a 15% increase.

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