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ANRPC releases Monthly NR Statistical Report, December 2023

17 Jan 2024

The Association of Natural Rubber Producing Countries (ANRPC) releases the Monthly NR Statistical Report, December 2023.

I am pleased to present the latest insights into the global Natural Rubber (NR) market. In December, we observed a growth of 9.1% in the global production of NR, reaching 1.5 million tons. However, the demand for NR experienced a contraction of 3.2%, totaling 1.2 million tons. This dynamic has led to a diverse performance across key rubber markets, as illustrated in the table below:

The Snapshot of the outlook of global NR market in year 2023 are shown below:

Monthly NR Statistical Report, December 2023 by ANRPC

As we embrace the beginning of 2024, I want to extend my warm wishes for a prosperous year ahead to all our readers. For those interested in renewing their subscription to this publication or seeking subscription assistance, please feel free to reach out to the ANRPC Secretariat for more details at

TOH, Heng Guan


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